Chris van der Westhuizen

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You are not forsaken

The answers to your questions
You so frequently ask,
Lies deep inside your faithful heart.

I always give the solution
When things go wrong.
You know you always
End up with a song.

When was the last time
You went hungry to bed.
When did you ever
Sleep outside, cold and wet.

I know you sometimes
Feel lonely and unwanted.
I gave you a companion,
Don't take him for granted.

Minds do not always meet.

Just consider one another
And serenity will shine.
In love and understanding,
Will arguments decline.

We had the conversation
About children the other day.
Just follow your heart, and his
And then - Come what may.

The times you saw only one
Pair of feet in the sand.
Were those times, you remember
Me carrying you in My hand.

So remember that…

The answers to your questions
You so frequently ask.
Has been planted, thoroughly
Deep inside your faithful heart.

                              Chris M. v/d Westhuizen '2002

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